This is a accredited Hairdresser course of qualification
Duration: 4 and a half months (18 weeks)
Our school has a partnership with LONDA ROMANIA
What does this mean? We have professional products of high quality (German brand, Wella family). Our trainers are prepared by Londa Bucharest.
This is a qualification course that we operate for almost 3 years. The qualification that you get after the graduation of this course is HAIRDRESSER, according to the Qualifications Classification.
We benefit from the support and collaboration of some trainers, graduates of excellent hairstyling schools and keep a close relationship with the European hairstyling world, through profile seminars they attend in the country and abroad.
Each course is held by one or two senior trainers on the four main chapters of preparation (1. Wash and arrange 2. Haircut 3. Color 4. Random hairdressing) and a supervising trainer, dedicated to school, who is present daily in our school, and who allows our students to have a more flexible practice schedule. more

Schedule: theory courses are held mainly in the afternoon, and practice courses are held in the morning and afternoon.
Products and tools: the price of the course covers the cost of all products for practice, necessary for mandatory minimum work( contained in our program). This includes shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mousse, hair dye, bleach, oxidant, hair curling products, and ALL OTHER PRODUCTS THAT YOU NEED BY 4 DAYS (MINIMUM) WEEKLY PRACTICAL WORK at basic practice products. We believe that under this minimum number of weekly classes, you can’t acquire sufficient knowledge to exercise the profession.
Also included are: hair dryers, hair strengtheners, clippers, curlers, etc.
Brush (3 types), comb (3 types) and scissors (one type) are part of a professional KIT that will be purchased separately by students and stored, cleaned and maintained by them. THEESE WILL BE TAKEN HOME BY THE STUDENTS, AFTER EACH CLASS, AND AFTER THE GRADUATION IT WILL REMAIN THEM.

The course involves bringing by the student of human models, to practice on, but part of the hours(cutting hair course) will be exercised on a mannequin head, with long 100% natural hair, props that will be given to each student and will belong to him totally. Mannequin head is a major props for learning the haircuts, from long hair to short and medium hairs ones, because gives the student a safety, and helps him pass at human models haircut. The 100% natural hair is very important, because the artificial one ruins the scissors, you can’t arrange and cut like the natural one, and in the end it will burn due to the heating treatments.
The price of the course is 2150 RON, plus 400 RON personal kit, payable as follows:
– Upon enrollment 750 RON
– At the beginning of the course 400 RON, personal kit value
– Monthly 350 RON, for 4 months
The practice works are held both in group, on colleagues, on each student’s mannequin head, and human models, brought by the students.
Required documents:
-certificate of 10 classes graduation (minimum required)
-ID copy
-birth certificate copy
-marriage certificate copy
-health certificate, to show that students don’t suffer any transmittable diseases, and they are able to take the course
For this qualification, the LEGAL PROVISIONS IMPOSE 10 classes, mandatory minimum education in Romania.
Achieved diploma: qualification in hairdressing profession (as classification), and is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour. Also it is recognized in European Union (after translation and apostle)